Douche and Enema

CNT Toys is a professional manufactures of Douche and Enema.There may be a lot of Douche and Enema manufacturers out there, but not all Douche and Enema manufacturers are alike. Our professional expertise in manufacturing Douche and Enema has been honed over the past 10+ years.

Douche and Enema made in China can be bought with Low Price from CNT Toys. It is a professional high quality Products Manufacturers and Factory in China.

The following is about Douche and Enema, I hope to help you better understand Douche and Enema.If you want to know more Douche and Enema, or other related clitoral arouser, rabbit vibrator, dildos…. and other products Douche and Enema you can contact us.

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  • Soft Bulb For Enema/Douche Compatible With Nozzles
    Item number: 101432756
    ● Soft and squeezable bulb
    ● Compatible with favourite nozzle ( nozzle NOT included)
    ● Easy to use and clean

  • Soft And EZ Anal Douche For Anal Player With Nozzle
    Item number: 101442367
    ● Soft nozzle for smooth insert
    ● Squeezable PVC bulb controls water flow
    ● Easy to use and clean

  • Smooth Soft And Easy Douche With Nozzle
    Item number: 101454726
    ● Smooth nozzle included for insert
    ● Squeezable PVC bulb to fill water and squeeze in
    ● Easy to use and clean
    ● This easy-to-use and convenient enema bulb is perfect for cleaning out in preparation anal sex, for health reasons, or just use it for a deeper clean sensation.The sturdy nozzle is thin and smooth for comfortable insertion. The soft bulb is easy to grip for full control. Before use, dip the tip into a bowl of
    ● warm water. Once the bulb is filled with water,let this buddy in gentle and slow, then squeeze the bulb, let the water flow get inside and clean it in and out. Be sure to use the ultra douche in the tub or shower to cut down on the mess.
    ● Made from body-safe PVC and ABS materials, it is the toy for people who loves anal game and also it is suitable for woman for douche purpose as well. With very competitive price, this is the toy as accessories or for beginners.
    ● Store separately from other toys.
    ● Contact us for free sample and more information for OEM/ODM/Private label service.

  • 9.7'' Soft Silicone Douche Nozzle With Screw Thread
    Item number:511454425
    ● Silky and velvety silicone material
    ● One hole at the tip for water flow
    ● Easily attached to shower tube or squeezable bulb (need to be compatible)

  • ABS Silky Douche Tube Nozzle Compatible With Shower
    Item number: 101443122
    ● 7 hole at the tip for water flow
    ● Easily attach to shower tube or squeezable bulb(need to be compatible)
    ● Silky and velvety surface

As one of the professional China Douche and Enema manufacturers and suppliers, we can provide private products. Welcome to buy Douche and Enema from our factory. The entire production process of our factory is carefully and systematically controlled to ensure accuracy and quality. We specialize in customized products for customers.
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