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  • Every woman should be mindful of her vaginal health, but what exactly is a healthy vagina?  While it depends on several factors, such as a woman’s age, a healthy vagina typically has an acidic pH and is naturally lubricated.  The vaginal microbiome is delicate, and the bacterial balance of that microbiome can significantly impact your health.


  • It’s true that most people traditionally have sex in the bedroom. But unfortunately, that doesn’t automatically mean that this room is very sexy. And that’s not just a shame for interior design reasons – the interior also has a greater influence on the mood in the bedroom than you might think.


  • Sex plays a role in happiness Scientists and anthropologists generally agree that sex tends to play a role in our overall happiness. Studies show that sexual satisfaction plays a role in happier marriages, and happier marriages play a role in greater sexual satisfaction. But what about when we’re solo? What about our sense of wellbeing when we’re on our own? If healthy intimacy with a partner is a marker of happiness, does being intimate while alone have the same long-term effects?


  • People are having more sex to de-stress: the effects of the cost of living crisis The cost of living crisis is one that's affecting pretty much our entire nation. At Chisa, as a popular brand in sexual happiness, we continue to champion the importance of enjoying a healthy sexual appetite and staying committed in doing our products what turns us on (and off) in the bedroom. While rising living costs have challenged us financially, they've also challenged us to re-think how we connect with our partners, giving us more reason to experiment with our sexual preferences and more time for self-pleasure too.


  • Some women may have bad sex experiences because of vaginal dryness when they have sex with the beloved one. If they continue to encounter such a situation, love-making can be a nightmare that can break the relationship between lovers. Using lubricants can satisfy the deep need of the troubled, providing a wonderful sexual process.


  • Have you ever used a sex toy and had the following questions: Is this lubricant suitable? Or did you ask "why" and "how" to add lubricants when you bought your sex toys? How do lubricants work with sex toys? You can find answers in the following parts. What's more, you 'll learn more about the importance of using lubricant, and what to be aware of. 


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