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CNT in EU visiting clients


A three-member team of CNT has payed a 20-days visit to our EU clients from Sep to Oct in 2019. We’ve started from Norway and down south, when we finish meeting in Spain, we headed to German to visit the EroFame as our last destination.


Being different from usual short trips, we drove through EU and had face-to-face meetings with the brand new releases we brought. We’ve visited the top automatic storage system,  the manufacturing facilities, the production lines, the logistics and of course the partners that we do not have much chances to meet. And we’ve got to know the history of different companies and what they are aimed for. We learned a lot besides progress of businesses.


Also, we’ve met many kind persons who helped us out and many people with a great sense of humor. A lot magnificent and beautiful views during the whole trip.


Hope we can meet y’all again in near future!

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