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Pay attention to the use of vibrators

1. Don't overuse. Excessive use of vibrator stimulation can easily lead to a decrease in organ sensitivity. Therefore, for a long period of time, ordinary sex will not have any stimulation or pleasure. You can only rely on the vibrator to stimulate, which will be a tragedy;
2. It is not possible to share with multiple people. It was said that sharing with multiple people is easy to be infected with bacteria;
3. Pay attention to hygienic use and do a good job of cleaning to prevent diseases;
4. To use a vibrating massage stick to insert into the vagina or anus, condoms and water-soluble lubricants should be used, which can be safer and more lubricated;

5. After use, remove the power supply or battery in time, especially the dry battery can not be in the massage stick for a long time. If a battery leaks, it is easy to damage the massage stick. The battery fluid is also corrosive, and the skin that runs on the skin will corrode , Especially the location of the vagina or anal mucosa.