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Classification and usage of anal toys

Anal toys also belong to a category of sex toys, which is what we often call adult health products, and can also be said to be adult toys. People who use anal toys are beyond our imagination. From simple silicone, metal texture, plastic and other conventional materials, they have gradually evolved into the current multi-functional sex toys with vibration and various functions. Anal toys are also in sex toys. Occupy a place, generally classified into anal plug (anal plug), pull beads (chain beads) and prostate massage stick.
The stopper often has a tail stopper, as explained later in the gameplay. Basic models generally have no vibration function. Pull beads are also called chain beads. They look like a string of candied haws, long and connected by beads. It is also a relatively common anal toy. Unlike anal plugs, renzhu will have different levels of stimulation, such as size. The prostate massager is well distinguished from anal plugs, and it brings extraordinary prostate pleasure like a female G-spot massage stick. Generally speaking, all the prostate massagers produced today have a vibration function.

 Because the adult posterior court is full of pleasure nerves, and the male posterior court is also adjacent to the prostate (a sensitive point unique to men in the posterior court), it is very easy for men to reach the peak of orgasm under the stimulation of the posterior court. Women can gradually pass through the posterior court to reach climax after getting used to the posterior court stimulation. The anal plug is simple to use and can be inserted into the rear court. It does not need to be in and out. Adults can produce a certain degree of pleasure by plugging the anal plug. Anal plugs are made of hard and cold metal or glass materials, and soft rubber materials with a softer temperature. In addition, there are also plush tails on the end of the anal plugs to match the animal headwear. Although some anal plugs have a vibration function, they are only Relying on anal plugs can also bring good pleasure. Use pull beads to slowly put them into the backyard one by one. Of course, there are also advanced versions. From top to bottom, the beads are getting thicker or the beads are in strange shapes. Every day a bead enters the backyard is a kind of stimulation. The material of the beads ranges from soft rubber, silica gel to metal. The hardness of the beads gradually increases, and the sense of fullness and stimulation when pulled out is also stronger. In addition, the beads are also divided into vibration and non-vibration. The vibration beads are used with anal plugs. Similar to a prostate massager, where is the prostate of an adult man? Insert your fingers into the back court to the second knuckle, and gently bend your fingers in the direction of the small DD. The hard thing that you encounter across the intestinal wall is the prostate. The elbow part of the prostatic massager is used to stimulate the prostate. Unlike anal plugs, the prostatic massager needs to adjust the angle when entering the rear court to allow the rear court to gradually adapt to the toy. At this time the rear court has adapted, you can switch between manual or Vibrate to feel a carnival party that belongs to adult health care products. Novices may be uncomfortable. At this time, relax the backyard, and it will take out a part of it by itself. After getting used to this excretion feeling, there will be considerable stimulation and pleasure, and then tighten and relax the cycle again and again. Most of the prostate toys are made of silica gel, which are also divided into vibration and non-vibration. Some advanced ones also have a heating function, which is simply too intimate.