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How to use anal irrigator

When the anal irrigator is in use, the following methods can be used to clean it:
First, clean the anal area with clean water before cleaning.
Second, it is necessary to adopt a semi-recumbent position or a stone cutting position when cleaning.
Third, you need to wear disposable gloves, you can apply lubricant to the anal area, so as to avoid damage to the skin and mucous membrane of the anal area.
Fourth, when cleaning, you need to insert the irrigator into the anus, and it cannot be inserted too deep, generally about 2cm, and then gently squeeze the irrigator to make the irrigating fluid flow out and the drug to act on the anorectal .

It should be noted that the entire cleaning process can not be too hard, and because the anal cleaner is a personal hygiene product, it cannot be used alternately with multiple people. This is the cleaning method of the anal irrigator.