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How to use the vibrator

As society is progressing, girls cannot play by themselves. Today, I will introduce a good toy to female compatriots-how to use the vibrator.
First, buy a vibrator online and choose the one you like and suitable.
Charge it up and unplug it after it is fully charged.
The new toy should be cleaned and soaked in salt water or disinfected water, rinsed with clean water, and then lubricated with essential oils or configured lubricating oil.
Enter gently and gently, push slowly, the tremor is divided into many levels, start with the slight tremor, and gradually increase to the appropriate level, not too violently.
Use moderately, and not over-indulge and damage the skin of the private parts.

After use, clean and disinfect, dry or wipe clean with a clean towel, reinstall it, and put it in a hidden place. PS. It's better to lock it up, haha. 

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