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Cleaning and maintenance of vibrator

01 Cleaning: The used "toy" has a lot of secretions and lubricating oil residue. If it is not cleaned for a long time, bacteria will multiply, so please rinse the main part with warm water and sterilizing soap, and then rinse it with hot water.  When cleaning, you should prevent the switch, power supply, etc. from getting wet, rub your fingers while scouring, and do not use brushes or acid cleaning agents.
02 Wipe: Wipe clean with a lint-free linen cloth or towel after rinsing.
03 Maintenance: Remember to take out the battery after use, do not leave it in the toy, otherwise battery corrosion may occur! It can be stored in a flannel bag or dust bag during storage, and it can be kept dry as much as possible in a cool place.

04 Prohibited: detergents containing alcohol, gasoline or acetone; avoid water in the battery box; avoid direct sunlight.