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Why do vibrators in sex toys give women a bigger and faster orgasm experience

The vibrator can give women a bigger and faster orgasm experience, but few of us know how the vibrator vibrates, and what is the working principle of the vibrator?
When most vibrating rods work, the body vibrates, or stretches back and forth, or twists in a circle. According to the principle of medical bionics, by controlling the vibration amplitude, the brand-new numb sensation will make you free and happy. Massage the sensitive parts of the user to stimulate local nerves, promote blood circulation, regulate endocrine, and be cold to female sex and orgasm. Lack or hypersexuality, etc. can be moderately organized, so as to achieve sexual physiological balance.
According to the principle of vibration generated by the vibrator
There are two types: eccentric and planetary.
Its vibration structure and working principle are:
Eccentric type: It uses the rotating shaft with eccentric mass installed in the center of the vibrating rod, and the centrifugal force generated during high-speed rotation is transmitted to the vibrating rod shell through the bearing, so that the vibrating rod produces circular vibration. The shaft end of the motor is connected to a flexible shaft, and the other end of the flexible shaft is connected to an eccentric weight. The eccentric weight is covered by a protective cover. The rotation of the motor drives the eccentric weight through the flexible shaft during operation. The center of gravity of the weight is not on the axis of rotation. On the upper side, the unbalanced centrifugal force generated during rotation causes the heavy hammer to vibrate strongly, and the vibration occurs at the movable end of the flexible shaft.
Planetary type: It uses the rotating shaft with one end of the vibrating rod suspended. When it rotates, the conical part of the pendent end rolls along the conical surface in the rod shell, thereby forming the planetary motion of the rolling body to drive the rod body to produce circular vibration.
In addition to female masturbation, the vibrator is also a good health massager. Through its vibration, it can massage the whole body, promote blood circulation, stimulate local nerves, and achieve the effect of beautifying the body and beautifying the breast.
Many friends will say that they don't have much money, and they are ashamed to go in and buy when they see the adult goods store on the street? When I was dazzled by the dazzling female vibrators, I didn't dare not know how to choose, but I wanted to try the "magic effects" of these adult toys. I needed to prepare materials: glue, plastic centrifuge tubes, and electric motors. Put the motor into a plastic centrifuge tube during production, and glue the plastic centrifuge tube opening with glue (a small opening should be left on the tube after the opening is glued) and the circuit can be opened from the inside.
To ensure safety and health.
However, although the vibrator made by myself can be vibrated, there are still many functions that cannot be realized, and the safety performance is not very good. At the same time, you also need to find materials by yourself. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy one online or in the supermarket, which is convenient and easy to use.
There are actually quite a few things to pay attention to. First of all, pay attention to hygiene. When using it, it cannot be shared by many people. It is easy to be infected with bacteria.
Remove the power supply or battery immediately after use, especially the dry battery should not be in the massage stick for a long time. If a battery leaks, simply break the massage stick, the battery fluid is also corrosive, and the skin that runs on the skin will corrode.

After use, pay attention to cleaning with alcohol to avoid infection. These should be paid attention to before and during use.