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3 types of anal sex toys for beginners

Everyone has always had a "prejudice" against sex toys in the backyard. They think that the backyard massage sex toys are designed for the gay community, but do you know that the backyard massage may bring joy that you can't imagine!
Types of rearyard toys
Backyard toys also have a place in sex toys, generally classified into backyard plugs (anal plugs), pull beads (chain beads) and prostate massage sticks. In addition to the prostate massager, which is a sex toy for men, the other two do not distinguish between men and women.
Conventional anal plugs generally have a base with a round bottom, which is inserted into it. The stopper often has a tail stopper, which will be discussed later in the gameplay. Basic models generally have no vibration function. Many of the new anal plugs have their own vibration function. Keeping pace with the times allows Chrysanthemum to enjoy more pleasure.
Pulled beads are also called chain beads, they look like a string of candied haws, long, like beads connected together. It is also a relatively common backyard toy. Unlike anal plugs, renzhu will have different levels of stimulation, such as size. Experienced adults prefer to choose pull beads with vibration function, but like anal plugs, they are basic backyard health products~
Prostate massager is well distinguished from anal plug, and prostate health care products are like a "pistol". The curved scales and angles are designed specifically for the backyard of adult men, which brings extraordinary prostate pleasure just like stimulating a female G-spot massage stick. Generally speaking, all the prostate massagers produced today have a vibration function.
1. Anal plug expansion
The anal plug is simple to use and can be inserted into the rear court. It does not need to go in or out. Adults can produce a certain amount of pleasure by plugging the anal plug. The first time the plug may have a strong sense of defecation. After getting used to it for a period of time, use the chrysanthemum to retract and tighten the anal plug. After being familiar with it, you will like the feeling of being filled and the anal plug vibrating inside.
At the beginning, it is recommended to choose the smallest size anal plug. Lubricating fluid is an indispensable collocation of the backyard health products. After all, the backyard cannot secrete lubricating fluid by itself.
The butt plug is made of hard and cold metal or glass, and there is also a soft and warm soft rubber material. In addition, there is also a plush tail at the end of the butt plug. With animal headwear, it is a sexy and cute cat and puppy, which is absolutely exciting A partner's lust, absolutely fun.
Anal plugs can expand the sphincter very well and prepare for the subsequent piston movement. Although some anal plugs have a vibration function, anal plugs alone can also bring good pleasure.
2. Pull the beads back and forth
Slowly put the beads into the backyard one by one with the beads. The beads will fill up the chrysanthemum slowly, and then slowly pull out, in and out, and feel the feeling carefully, which makes people feel uncontrollable excretion.
It’s best to choose round beads with the same thickness just now. Of course, there is also an advanced version. From top to bottom, the beads are getting thicker or the beads are in strange shapes. One bead every day is a kind of stimulation to the backyard.
The material of the beads ranges from soft rubber, silica gel to metal. The hardness of the beads gradually increases, and the sense of fullness and stimulation when pulled out is stronger. In addition, the beads are also divided into vibration and non-vibration. The vibration beads are used with anal plugs. Similar to a prostate massager, adults should not be rushed when choosing health products. After entering, start with a small vibration and then twitch back and forth slowly.
3. Prostate massager
Where is the prostate of an adult man? Insert your fingers into the posterior knuckle until the second knuckle, and gently bend your fingers in the direction of the small DD. The hard thing that you encounter across the intestinal wall is the prostate.
The elbow part of the prostatic massager is used to stimulate the prostate (that is, the small DD direction). Unlike anal plugs, the prostatic massager needs to adjust the angle when entering the rear court to allow the rear court to gradually adapt to the toy. You do not need to manually pump it in the early stage Insert, slowly retract the backyard, be sure not to fast, but slowly shrink. The rod body will be slowly sucked into the back court by the body, and the elbow part will strongly squeeze the prostate, which will produce a pleasant sensation that people can't help but groan. At this time the backyard has adapted, and you can switch between manual and vibration to experience a carnival party that belongs to adult health care products.

Novices may be uncomfortable. At this time, relax the backyard, and it will take out part of it by itself. After getting used to this sense of excretion, there will be considerable stimulation and pleasure, and then tighten and relax the cycle again and again. You can push and insert without hands, concentrate on retracting the backyard, paying attention to the sensation of the chrysanthemum and prostate, slowly and repeatedly, the uncomfortable feeling will unknowingly turn into a pleasant sensation. Prostate toys are high-end toys and must not be used too far ahead.

Most of the prostate toys are made of silicone, which are also divided into vibrating and non-vibrating. Some advanced ones also have a heating function, which is simply too intimate.
Reminder: For any posterior court sexual stimulation, condoms and lubricants should be used. This is not absolutely safe, but it is the most effective way to reduce risks.