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How to use anal plug correctly?


Anal plug is an adult sex toy which is belonging to BDSM and suitable for both men and women. It can be made from different materials,but metal,glass, and silicone anal plug are the most common in the market.

Featuring with slim and smooth, even can vibrate, therefore using anal plug can delivery sex pleasure which popular for adults.However, this toys can't be used for a long time,otherwise it will lead to anal prolapse, infection, etc. If use the anal plug incorrectly, it will brings discomfort  even the hurt.So how to use it correctly?

Firstly,scrub the anus and then wipe it drily. It is recommended to use the kneeling posture to carry out insertion (kneel well, separate your legs, fully open your hips, diastolic blood pressure at the waist as much as possible, and use shoulder to support the upper body),or you can also use the side lying method. In a word, completely open your hips.(Note: squatting position is not recommended) use the ring finger or middle thumb, press at the anal opening, close eyes, and knead it with finger belly for three minutes. Don't worry and release your own emotions.After three minutes of massage, take out the grease and wipe it on the anal opening, and knead it for another minute. Gently insert the ring finger or little finger into the anus. If there is a fingernail, it is recommended to cut it off.When inserting, release the pressure at the anal door and insert slowly. If you feel obvious pain, stop pulling it out immediately, it maybe that the part is not accurate enough to cover the wrinkles at the anal door. Then re-point to the body part and insert it again until it is inserted into a bone joint, stop and gently pull it out. It is not necessary to pull it out completely, leave a little in the body. Then gently insert it again and again, repeat for one minute, insert the second bone joint again and again until the anus is integrated, repeatedly wipe the posture for one minute, and so on, until the whole finger can enter easily, as well as there is no tension at the anal door.

Take the anal plug and wipe the lube on the anal plug. The lube needs to be rubbed closely around the anal plug, not independently. It must be rubbed evenly at the anal door and anal mouth. Tuck the anal plug to the anal door . When the anal plug is inserted, the anus releases pressure, the hips open, push in the fingers gradually.If you feel obvious pain, pull it out and insert it gently again, gradually loosen the force to let the anal plug gradually drain out of the body when entering the third part, and then insert it again. After repeating for one minute, carry out deeper explore. When enter the large diameter of the anal plug, stop for 30 seconds or 20 seconds, then carry out . Remember to scrub the lubricant around the anus with handkerchief paper after entering.

Squatting position is selected for removal. It is recommended to carry out it in the toilet for convenient and immediate removal.Hold the anal plug forcefully when pulling outward, make a stool posture and cooperate with hand to take out  the anal plug. After removal, the anal plug must be disinfected and sterilized, and should clean the anus .