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Anal Toys Beginner's Guide-Thank you for taking it away!

Congratulations on your decision to buy yourself an anal toy! So which one would you be?
1. Backyard Lianzhu
The back court connects the balls together by a flexible material. Suitable for beginners, you can masturbate and masturbate, and you can also add interest during sex.
2. Anal sex fake penis
Anal fake penises, they may be a bit advanced for beginners. The specially designed shape stimulates the male prostate and the back wall of the female vagina. They are also tapered for easier insertion.
3. Backyard vibrator
The posterior vibrator must feel very exciting for those who have already experienced it. You can choose different shapes and sizes to try, and there is always one that suits you. Vibration stimulation makes you easy to orgasm.
4. Backyard plug
When it comes to anal sex toys, the backyard plug is the first choice. The design is simple and safe, but the stimulation is not simple. It can play a good massage and add interest.
5. Anus cleaner
The anus cleaner can clean your anus, reduce infection, and it is easy to use for washing and can also be used to apply medicine syrup!
6. Inflatable backyard plug
The inflatable backyard plug can be inflated to change the size to make it reach your favorite or suitable size. Remember to use lubricant for receiving, and then slowly inflate after insertion.
7. Prostate massager
The prostate is a hidden gem for men. By using a prostate massager, you can easily stimulate this special area to achieve incredible full-body orgasms.
8. Shaking the rear plug
It's not too big in size with the ordinary backyard plug, but vibration is added, and vibrations of different frequencies will easily push you to the edge of climax.

Tips: Don’t be eager to take your time when using these toys. Remember to use lubricants. Special anal sex lubricants are the best. However, lubricants are widely used by anyone, and they are easier to clean.