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Sex toys for couples

There are many products that couples share to adjust the atmosphere, such as erotic lingerie, atmosphere perfume, shared utensils, and some auxiliary products.
From the big classification, sexy underwear can be divided into four categories: stockings, character uniforms, pajamas, underwear, and a category of accessories, which are used with sexy underwear. Stockings are divided into three categories: pantyhose, pantyhose and stockings; the character uniforms are familiar to everyone, maids, bunny girls, nurses, flight attendants, sailor suits, and some costumes with festival themes; pajamas are mainly suspender skirts Mainly, and some other characteristic costumes.
People with different statures can choose styles according to their own conditions and avoid weaknesses. For example, if you have a plump chest, you can choose a uniform. Acup can choose a lace style with hair accessories. If you have fat on your waist and abdomen, you can choose high-waisted skirts or blouses, and you will be able to find clothes that suit you.
There are also some appliances shared by husband and wife, and there are many appliances that can be remotely controlled, the rhythm can be controlled through the APP, and the remote flirting can be controlled through the mobile phone.