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What to pay attention to when playing male masturbator for the first time

The phenomenon of masturbation is very common in ancient and modern China and abroad. According to the survey, the proportion of female masturbation is almost close to that of males, and female masturbation devices have also emerged as the times require. So, do you know what to pay attention to when you first play a male masturbator? How is the male masturbator used?
When playing male masturbators for the first time, you need to pay attention to the following:
1. Please use water or warm water to clean.
2. If there is dirty place, please use soap or neutral lotion, do not use laundry detergent and other laundry tools to clean.
3. After washing, please dry the water with a soft dry cloth.
4. Do not use hot water for cleaning to avoid damaging the material of the masturbator.
5. Do not soak or boil for a long time.
6. Do not use banana water, benzene, alcohol lamp solvent, there is the possibility of deformation and discoloration.
7. Do not use with silicone oil, or massage oil, baby oil and other oily lubricants, which may cause malfunction, discoloration, and deformation. It is recommended that friends who need to use it for a long time charge it in advance.
In addition, the use of male masturbation device is:
Step 1: Apply a small amount of lubricant to the inner wall of the male masturbator.
Step 2: You can place the top of the glans on the outer edge of the appliance and make a circular motion to evenly wet the top of the tip.
Use Step 3: Insert your penis slowly and gently into her O, feeling her wrap your penis. If you feel that the lubricity is insufficient, you can inject a little more lubricating fluid at this time.
Step 4: If you feel that the lubricity is enough, you can perform repeated thrusting movements, and only you can feel the process, which is like real sex.
Through the above content, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the male masturbation device. Before using the male masturbation device, it is best to understand it clearly before using it.